What are bonds?

A bond is a fixed income instrument that represents an obligation made by a borrower (bond issuer) to an investor (bond holder).

Why should you invest in bonds?

Diversify your Portfolio

Offset your investments in MFs, Stocks or Real Estate. Bonds are less volatile and less risky than most assets and offer more stable returns. For example when stocks fall, bond prices usually rise.


Get Regular Income

Bonds offer a predictable income stream by paying interest at regular frequency like monthly, quarterly or annually. Use the regular income to manage ongoing expenses.


Earn more than Fixed Deposits

Interest rates on corporate bonds are higher that bank FD rates. They are also tradable on exchange thereby providing liquidity without exit penalty unlike FDs


Tax Optimization

For those in high tax bracket and investors seeking to optimize taxes may want to consider tax-free bonds issued by highly rated government-owned issuers.

Investments in Fixed Income are investments   in debt securities   that provide a stable   and regular higher income   than traditional fixed income investments like Bank Fixed Deposits and Corporate FDs.

ting in diversified fixed income securities can enable efficient portfolio diversification   and at the same time mitigate portfolio risk   to achieve investment goals

How to choose a bond to invest?

Terms you should know
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How to buy or invest in a bond ?

  1. Bond Selection

    Choose a bond and signup on mndholding

  2. Personal Details

    Fill out your details

  3. Call with Bond Manager

    Our bond manager will call you to explain and guide through the process

  4. KYC & Payment

    Complete KYC and make payment DIRECTLY to SEBI regulated Clearing House

  5. Delivery

    Bond is transferred to you by the Clearing House and Bond is yours!

Documents required for KYC
  •   PAN Card
  •   Proof of address
  •   Photo
  •   Bank account details
  •   Demat Details
Do you need a Demat Account to purchase a Bond?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a demat account to purchase a Bond. Either you can use your existing demat account, and if you don’t have a demat account, then we will assist you to open one in few simple steps!